Ep. 22 | The REAL Opportunities with Self-Directed IRAs

In this episode, we sit down with Scott Maurer of Advanta IRA to discuss Self-Directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

Scott has over a decade of experience in the self-directed retirement industry. In this episode, he shares his expertise on the basics of Self-Directed IRAs, the types of investments you can make with them, and how they differ from traditional IRAs.

We start by asking Scott to explain a Self-Directed IRA and how it differs from a traditional IRA. He goes on to explain that Self-Directed IRAs allow you to invest in a wide range of assets beyond the typical stocks, bonds, and mutual funds that traditional IRA custodians offer. With a Self-Directed IRA, you may be able to invest in alternative assets such as real estate, private equity, private debt, precious metals, and more.

Scott also shares some of the most popular investments with Self-Directed IRAs, including real estate and more.

Overall, this episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in learning more about Self-Directed IRAs and how they can be used to diversify your retirement portfolio. So, join us for this informative discussion with Scott Maurer.

Episode Guest:

Scott Maurer, CISP

Advanta IRA

Director of Business Development

P: 800-425-0653 or 727-581-9853 x1123



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