Ep. 62 | Understanding The Cost Segregation Study

In this episode, Chris Picciurro and John Tripolsky are joined by Heidi Henderson from Engineered Tax Services to discuss cost segregation studies and their benefits for taxpayers. They cover topics such as the timing and considerations for cost segregation studies, the difference between new construction and existing properties, and even the potential tax benefits of container homes. They also emphasize the importance of working with a tax professional who understands cost segregation and can help maximize its benefits.


  • Cost segregation studies can provide significant tax benefits for taxpayers, who are active in the real estate industry.
  • Timing is important when considering cost segregation studies, as they can be done retroactively for properties purchased in previous years.
  • The benefits of cost segregation studies can vary depending on factors such as the type of property and the tax basis.
  • Cost segregation studies can be beneficial for both new construction and existing properties, as long as they meet the criteria for depreciation.
  • Working with a tax professional who specializes in cost segregation can help taxpayers maximize their tax benefits and navigate the complexities of the process.

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